Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Pow and Zen

PHM 0414 PF22Combine physical activity and cerebral calm with these local mind-body melds.

It’s said that a poorly conditioned mind defeats the purpose of a well-conditioned body. So as we’re bombarded with trendy diets and infomercials that hardwire us into thinking the only objective of exercise is exterior validation, we should also remember that exercise is spiritual. It keeps the cheeseburgers off your thighs and balances your chi. Here are a few Zen-friendly Valley workouts to help you restore that delicate balance between mind and body.


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¶lim¶Birthing in Arizona

With birth rates above the national average, Arizona offers parents-to-be more options than ever. the Beginning there was an egg and a sperm. Whether their union was divinely ordained, scientifically schemed or accidentally arranged is for their owners to say, but their triumph over the obstacle course of the reproductive system – from fertilization to implantation to gestation – is by turns miraculous, monumental and downright messy. Every human has the same basic biological building blocks for his or her origin story. What happens next is where the plots diverge, and in Arizona there are more possibilities than ever before.


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¶lim¶No Insurances

Frustrated by an ungainly system, more Valley physicians turn to the “concierge” model. Translation: couture health care.

For much of her career as a practicing cardiologist, Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk essentially kept one hand on the doorknob during patient visits. She had to. Falling fee reimbursements from insurance companies had forced her to reduce patient appointment times from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. It was a matter of livelihood.


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Alternative Rock

Trek in a new direction with these lesser-known Valley hikes.

There's no shortage of hiking trails in Arizona. Perhaps the most comprehensive guide to hiking in our state, – authored by none other than PHOENIX magazine's resident hiking expert, Mare Czinar – covers more than 500 trails, and Czinar says many others exist. Though local hikers tend to gravitate to well-known and well-trodden urban trails like Piestewa Peak, Papago Park and Camelback Mountain, the Valley has plenty of less-traveled options for folks who want to enjoy a good quad burn while communing with nature. Here are a few hiking-guru-approved alternatives to our typical tracks.


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Quest for Tire

Get in advanced shape with paleo-fitness exercises at these Valley sweat spots.

This isn’t Sparta. While our ancestors had to hunt big game for food and fight with swords to protect their land, we have the luxury of drive-thrus and property deeds. We also have Nautilus machines and boutique gym technology to stay in shape – but who needs ‘em? Finding your inner Spartan with paleo-fitness exercises like tire throwing, rope climbing, and kettle bell lifting can be fun and effective.


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Artful Dodging

Give your fitness routine a bounce with dodgeball and other team sports.

Think you mastered dodgeball in elementary school? Take the venerable playground sport to the next level with team leagues, currently enjoying a post-Dodgeball: The Movie renaissance at a variety of Valley sports and fitness venues.


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Fighting Flab

Martial arts-based fitness routines deliver a KO punch to gym boredom

Multitaskers love the idea of staying in shape while learning a new way to express themselves. Though one could conceivably achieve this by finger painting while sitting on a body ball, Axé Capoeira Arizona has a much more dynamic and fun proposition. Specializing in the Afro-Brazilian art of capoeira, which combines dance, martial arts and music, the Scottsdale studio will keep you entertained and sweating in a way your nightly spin class never could.


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