Dance Dance Evolution

Written by Cara Buchanan Category: Health & Fitness Issue: September 2012


Ballet Fitness Fusion founder Lisa Juliet has 24 years of classical ballet training, but she insists no experience is necessary to attend one of her Ballerobica classes – nor is a lovely, swan-like neck or steely toes that can lift the weight of a Mini Cooper. You don’t even have to wear a tutu. Ballerobica combines the fundamentals of ballet with cardio and strength training, working your muscles without adding bulk.

The composite regimen incorporates a traditional ballet barre to sculpt lean thighs, tone arms, and increase flexibility and alignment, while the cardio revs up your metabolic rate for increased calorie burn, shedding fat from your newly-perky bottom. Ballerobica ranges in skill levels and makes an ideal exercise for those with injuries or physical limitations.
2655 W. Guadalupe Rd., Mesa, 480-788-8348,

Pole-ah-Tease at Express MiE
This sensual pole dance course introduces you to your inner Nomi Malone (that’s a Showgirls reference, kids) with a workout combining pilates, belly dancing, ballet, tango and of course, a sleek silver pole. The flirty class focuses less on perfecting tricks and more on gaining confidence and appreciation for your curves. 
6448 S. McClintock Dr., Tempe, 480-626-5973,

Vinyasa at Luna Fitness
The women of Luna Fitness got tired of male gym-domination. Their philosophy focuses on the health, physicality and emotional state of women. Vinyasa yoga, a flowing dynamic – one might say, dance-y – form of yoga, connects breath to movement, which improves flexibility while calming and centering the mind.
975 E. Elliot Rd., Tempe, 480-522-2490,

Belly Dancing with Amanda Rose
Belly dancing has ancient roots as a romantic secret weapon. It’s also a hell of a core workout. Take a lesson from Rose – the redheaded 2008 Egyptian Bellydancer of the Universe Champion – and get those abdominals firing. Classes are available at various Valley locations.