Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curl Up and Diet

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Amid legions of diet books promoting every manner of metabolic gimmickry and self-torture, Martin Cizmar’s new book Chubster: A Hipster’s Guide to Losing Weight While Staying Cool ($13.95, Mariner Books) stands out. Cizmar states in the prologue that he is firmly against “the horrors of Organized Dieting,” particularly its incompatibility with the hipster lifestyle of restaurant touring, copious lattes, microbrews and solitary standing at concerts. 

As a former music editor at the Phoenix New Times, Cizmar has the bona fides to diagnose the hipster experience. As for his diet-guru chops? He lost 100 pounds in eight months, and his main advice is as basic as it comes: Count calories.

The memoir-slash-diet book, debuting this month, is filled with calorie-focused advice delivered with Cizmar’s trademark snark. From his exploration of “the Bagel Paradox” to his open-armed acceptance of fast food, Cizmar dispenses with fair-trade preachiness. Instead, he offers specific situational advice (think the Men’s Health column Eat This Not That). To wit: It turns out that light beers have half the calories but also half the alcohol content (and dignity) of their full-flavored counterparts. So enjoy your Guinness in peace.