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PHM0814Feat-3Open up and say “ah.” Our 12th annual guide to the Valley’s best dentists features 171 peer-selected practitioners in nine specialties, including a new category: TMJ and orofacial pain.

Choosing the Top Dentists
Every spring, PHOENIX magazine mails 1,600 surveys to randomly selected dentists throughout the Valley. The survey asks the dentists to write the names of three dentists whom they deem the best in each of nine specialties. They mail the surveys back to us, and we tally the votes in each category. Once the top vote-getters are determined, we obtain the dentists’ contact information from the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, and our fact-checkers verify their information.

PHOENIX magazine does not give any preference to dentists who advertise. The Top Dentists are determined purely based on the number of votes they receive. Our sales staff does not see the list until the magazine is printed; if there are instances when a dentist on the list also has an ad in the magazine, it is merely coincidence. With the exception of the five randomly chosen dentists profiled, the dentists also have no advance knowledge of whether they made the list.

Smile School
More than ever, Americans are choosing to fix the teeth that God gave ‘em. Cosmetic dentistry has become giant business over the past decade, with Americans spending $2.75 billion to improve their smiles in 2012, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Is a capping or bleaching in your future? Consult this primer before pimping out your pearly whites.

60% of cosmetic dental patients are female.
40% are male, but the gender gap is narrowing...
33% males comprised just 33 percent of patients in 2001.


Cosmetic dentistry corrects the color, size, shape and function of teeth, and improves spacing and gum display. A few options are at your disposal:
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