Friday, May 22, 2015

¶lim¶Linebackers Like Us

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Absent seven-figure salaries and rich endorsement deals, members of the champion Arizona Rattlers hold offseason jobs as they seek a third straight ArenaBowl championship.

0 Days without Mayhem.

So says the sign beside the door.

When you walk into the quiet, tidy office in northeast Phoenix, you don't see any immediate sign of mayhem. It's an Allstate insurance agency, you see, and the ominous phrase is a reference to the company's well-known ad campaign featuring "Mayhem" allegorically personified. But if any literal mayhem were to go down, the agents in the front two cubicles look more than prepared to deal with it. Even, perhaps, to wreak a little of their own.

"First time in my life I've ever had my own space," says the mountainous fellow in one of the cubicles, his desk dense with totems and curios ranging from a teddy bear to a "money tiki" to a zombie figurine with a screwdriver jutting from one eye socket. "Other than a locker," he adds.

Anttaj Hawthorne started with Allstate in October of last year, but in another compartment of his life, he's a professional football player, the starting nose tackle for the Arizona Rattlers, the defending champions of the Arena Football League. But even during the AFL's March-to-August, 18-game regular season and two-game playoffs, Hawthorne spends his days, after practice, selling insurance. It's work the six-year AFL veteran enjoys. "Interacting with people, being able

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