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¶lim¶Super Bowl Fan Guide

PHM 500x500 FPOKick off your Super Bowl experience with our guide to events, activities and parties pinned to the big game on February 1.

Verizon Super Bowl Central
Located in Downtown Phoenix, Verizon Super Bowl Central is the week-long, pedestrian-only epicenter of Super Bowl entertainment in the Valley. Find concerts and food, plus the NFL Experience, an interactive theme park with games, clinics and NFL autograph sessions. Visit for more information.

Dates: January 28 – February 1
Hours: 2 p.m.-Midnight

Daily Schedule
2 p.m. Food and beer gardens, Sponsor Activity Zone, Autograph Stage and XLIX Concert Stage open
2–6 p.m. Local talent and group performances on Concert Stage
6 p.m. Autograph Stage closes
7–10 p.m. Regional and national music artists on Concert Stage
10–10:10 p.m. Nightly fireworks show
10 p.m. Activities close
Midnight Food and beverage close (Friday and Saturday)

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¶lim¶52 Weekend Adventures

PHM 500x500 FPOOne of the best things about living in Phoenix is the proximity to a plethora of climates and landscapes, from cool Alpine forests to warm, craggy lava tubes formed by ancient volcanoes. Whether you’re seeking wet and wild summer adventure on Lake Pleasant or a cozy B&B fireplace to snuggle up by in winter, we’ve unearthed a great escape for every weekend of the year. Bonus: Four fabulous out-of-state trips to satisfy your inner gypsy.


1 Hike the Entire State...Virtually
Grand Canyon
Few locals will ever trek the 817-mile Arizona National Scenic Trail, which runs from the Arizona-Mexico border up through the Grand Canyon and to Utah. That’s not to say it can’t be done: In 2014, Tucson hiker Sirena Dufault conquered it in two-and-a-half months, raising $17,000 for Arizona Trail Association along the way. A new map exhibit inside the courtyard of Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center gives guests the full trail experience, minus the muscle fatigue. “It’s like a virtual tour…” says National Geographic Visitor Center general manager Janet Rosener. “The display really captures the natural beauty that exists throughout the state, as well as the diversity of trail users who find adventure on the Arizona Trail.” In addition to the trail exhibit, the center has IMAX films, off-site tours and a café. 450 Arizona 64, Grand Canyon Village, 928-638-2203,
Driving Time: 3 hours, 17 minutes (223 miles)
Fees: Exhibit is free; fees vary by activity
Kids: Take ‘em

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¶lim¶Saintly Stockers

Long ridiculed and misunderstood by outsiders, the Mormon practice of emergency food storage remains a central part of the LDS lifestyle – and gains wider secular acceptance in the prepper era.

Phoenix resident Andra Riegel has enough food stored to feed her and her husband – and any number of her seven grown children who pop in from time to time – for a full year.

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¶lim¶50 Best Places to Eat

PHM0115Feat-1From the curds of Wisconsin to the California Cobb salad, eat in all 50 States... without leaving the Valley!

Almost since its inception, America has played the role of cultural melting pot. Or is “stew pot” a more appropriate metaphor? In this 30-page celebration of American culinary traditions, we’ve selected the most singular, defining dishes from all 50 states. Then we scoured the Valley to locate the 50 restaurants that make the best local versions of these regional delicacies. 50 states, 50 plates. Which did we choose to represent your home state? Keep reading, American food lover.

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¶lim¶Café, Coffee, Joe?

PHM 500x500 FPOPour-overs, brew bars and local roasters – coffee has experienced a delicious evolution in the last decade. Discover new frontiers of caffeinated ecstasy with our guide to all that’s coffee in the Valley.

Coffee. Most Americans can’t get through the day without at least a cup – 58 percent of consumers age 18 and older drink it daily, according to a 2012 survey by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Coffee has become more than a daily wake-up ritual or a jolt to the system during afternoon slumps. Its consumption has moved into the domain of wine, fine spirits, craft beer and gourmet food, with baristas being elevated to artisans and a cup of coffee telling a story about where it grew, how it got to you and the personality of who roasted it and who brewed it. It’s no longer liquid energy to mindlessly swill – it’s an experience to be evaluated, with flavor and aroma profiles and brewing skills, and, of course, enjoyed.

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¶lim¶41 Local Hikes

PHM 500x500 FPOOn your feet, Phoenicians! You happen to live in America’s premier hiking town. From the White Tanks to the peaks of South Mountain, find an invigorating and scenic holiday calorie-buster near you.

Hike City, USA

Where does Phoenix rank in the pantheon of great American hiking metros? “You want my biased opinion?” asks PHOENIX magazine hiking guru Mare Czinar. “It’s the best.” Consider: The Valley has not one, not two, but three world-class hiking mountains in its city core, plus dozens of lesser-known trails on the metro fringe, plus hundreds of wilderness hikes within a three-hour drive.

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¶lim¶Enemy Mine

PHM1114Feat-3Drinks. Secret Fundraisers. Bipartisan Ski Retreats.
The incredible but true secret story of behind-the-scenes civility in Arizona politics.

Jack August is the former Executive Director of the Arizona Historical Foundation, and author of several political biographies

Last winter, back when they were just two of many candidates considering a run for Arizona governor, Fred DuVal and Doug Ducey went skiing together in Utah – a not-unexpected circumstance, given the men were attending the same annual networking retreat in Deer Valley, Utah. Informally known as “the Eagle's Nest,” the invitation-only retreat gathers Arizona political veterans and would-be leaders to engage in policy debates, go skiing, eat food and have fun. The duo got along well. They were friends.

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