Monday, January 26, 2015



¶lim¶Secrets of the City

Tired of the tried-and-true? Does the above-board leave you feeling, well, bored? Then join us for a tour of the Valley’s hidden gems, secret shops, infamous haunts and unseen underbelly. From extra-menu eats to suburban moonshiners, we throw back the covers on the uncoverable.

How better to begin our exploration of “undergound” Phoenix than to look, literally, underground? The Valley is not an obvious hotbed for subterranean adventure – after all, we have that troublesome,


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¶lim¶Cloud City

How now, brown cloud? As State agencies struggle to clean up the harmful pollution that hangs over the Phoenix skyline, the recent rash of haboobs stirs up even more trouble. — why won’t the brown cloud just blow away?


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¶lim¶Survivor: Arizona

Every day people venture into Arizona’s wilderness ill-equipped to contend with its dangers. So we asked two “survivormen” to school us in the art of staying alive in mettle-testing scenarios, from wandering alone in the desert without water to fending off hypothermia to encountering the venomous fangs of a rattler. It’s everything you always wanted to know about edible twigs and dung-befouled water, but were afraid to ask.


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¶lim¶Get Outside!

Our splendid spring weather is a wastin’. So lose the laptop, smear on the sunblock, find your flip-flops and...


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Chad Brockman has been riding waves for 50 years. And while Arizona’s manmade-lake scene can’t quite compare to the tides


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¶lim¶52 Weekend Adventures -2012

From historic hollows and Hummer half-pipes to dapper dude ranches and to-die-for drives, we’re serving up a bountiful birthday helping of 52 weekend adventures to help you christen Arizona’s second century of statehood. Plus: New this year, per reader requests, is a quick take ’em or leave ’em kid friendliness guide.


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¶lim¶Burger Wars

The Valley is in the midst of a burger boom, grilling the gamut from fast-food favorites to haute hamburgers.

But who’s busting out the best? We graded nine of the city’s favorite meat retreats – rating everything from beef to bun and sides to service – to discover the winner.

Blu Burger
Decked in a striking palette of royal blue and black, with dramatic wrought-iron design flourishes and a picture-window-framed desert view, the Scottsdale location of this local mini-chain is one cool burger joint.


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¶lim¶Mad Men in Midtown

Home to the Valley’s first high-rise residences and the late, great Phoenix Playboy Club, midtown was the most swinging neighborhood in Phoenix back in the sleek ’60s. Today, new generations are discovering the joys of our most urban enclave.


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