Sunday, May 24, 2015



¶lim¶52 Weekend Adventures

PHM0214Flash-1-8The “work hard, play hard” philosophy is easier to maintain when you can put a healthy distance between the two. From cannon fights and haunted happy hours to woolly mammoth kill sites and wintertime snowball fights, we’ve got a year’s worth of ways to make Arizona your playground – plus over-the-border escapes for every season.


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¶lim¶Lust in the Dust

PHM0214 LUST1Led by a cadre of steamy-prose-penning authors, the Valley is fast becoming a romantic fiction hotbed.

When Valley writer Kris Tualla published her first historical romance novel in 2010, she knew even the icy-eyed, steel-chested Norse ravagers in her book, A Woman of Choice, would struggle for attention in a sea of 10 million other romance novels vying for a spot in an shopping cart.


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¶lim¶2013 Best New Restaurants

It was a banner year for the Valley dining scene – such an abundance of great new restaurants, in fact, that PHOENIX magazine was forced to cut several worthy candidates from our final roster. It was agonizing, but we did it. So dig in.


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¶lim¶The Man Issue - Az Icons

Six Brief Profiles of Awesomely Iconic Men.

About five miles east of the French village of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, in a sprawling meadow cooled by silent mistrals riding down from the hillsides, lies the body of a boy from Phoenix. A boy, but a warrior in full.


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¶lim¶The Man Issue

0913ManWhat makes a man a valley man? Local fashion, food, products and personalities - You'll find them all in our first-ever salute to the spirit of manhood

Businessman. Philanthropist. Middle-aged gentleman of means. Epicurean. Bourbon enthusiast. Gym rat. World traveler. Enjoys a cigar now and then. Probably owns a lake house somewhere.


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¶lim¶Hot Neighborhoods

Thinking about a home upgrade? You’re not alone. Real estate is back, and it’s time to buy and sell again. Get the lowdown on the facts, figures, school districts and culture in our guide to hot Valley ’hoods.

Real Estate Rising
Five years after the housing collapse, Phoenix-area real estate is once again on fire. Rebounding home prices, combined with fewer available


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¶lim¶Notorious Phoenix

*Warning! This article contains graphic content, multiple murderers, salacious sex scandals, swearing sports figures, risky businesses, batty bills, and ghastly gubernatorial grammar.

The Most Notorious Man on Two Wheels
It says a lot about your badass bona fides when the de facto leader of the world’s most famous outlaw motorcycle gang picks your city for his retirement garden. Hells Angels founding member Sonny Barger fell in love with Arizona the way most of us do – while pulling a four-year stretch in Phoenix federal prison.


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