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¶lim¶Hot Neighborhoods

Thinking about a home upgrade? You’re not alone. Real estate is back, and it’s time to buy and sell again. Get the lowdown on the facts, figures, school districts and culture in our guide to hot Valley ’hoods.

Real Estate Rising
Five years after the housing collapse, Phoenix-area real estate is once again on fire. Rebounding home prices, combined with fewer available


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¶lim¶Notorious Phoenix

*Warning! This article contains graphic content, multiple murderers, salacious sex scandals, swearing sports figures, risky businesses, batty bills, and ghastly gubernatorial grammar.

The Most Notorious Man on Two Wheels
It says a lot about your badass bona fides when the de facto leader of the world’s most famous outlaw motorcycle gang picks your city for his retirement garden. Hells Angels founding member Sonny Barger fell in love with Arizona the way most of us do – while pulling a four-year stretch in Phoenix federal prison.


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¶lim¶Notorious Joe

You know Joe. But do you know the Elvis-busting, opium-seizing, Sinatra-singing, racially-profiled Notorious J.O.E.?.

“Is this safe? Am I going to get shot here?”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has arrived to have his portrait taken at Legend City Studios near Van Buren Street and Fifth Avenue. Historically, this area has been heroin-hawking, hooker hotel heaven, heavily decorated with graffiti and the glitter of broken glass. Presently, it’s transitioning into a hipster-approachable haunt where you can usually walk around in daylight without worrying about somebody shooting you.


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¶lim¶2013 Summer Getaways

Along with sweeping sherbet sunsets, one of the perks of living in the Valley is our proximity to paradises of milder climates. It’s easy to escape the scorching days of summer for a century-old rodeo, stargazing at the Grand Canyon, or tequila tasting on a train. Here are 41 places and events to discover this summer – including 12 out-of-state adventures.


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¶lim¶25 Influential Arizona Musicians

Arizona music is as deep and vast as the Grand Canyon, so choosing 25 of the most influential Copper State greats was a tough act. We placed a high value on professional esteem (artists who’ve written/produced for or inspired others, and are considered pioneers in their genres), community impact (support for local business/charities/music), and to a lesser extent, commercial success. We also wanted the list to reflect the diversity of Arizona music – like a radio listener twisting dials through snippets of songs, you can catch and tune in to something you like, whether that’s vintage country, classic rock, New Wave, heavy metal, or the blues. 


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¶lim¶Asian Food Guide

For the first time, we’ve vetted the Valley’s Asian restaurants to bring you the tastiest Thai food, the sublimest sushi, the most phenomenal pho. We’ll introduce you to Korean barbecue, Filipino finger food, Cambodian curry, and Dongbei dumplings. We’ll string you along on a noodle tour and show you where to shop. And we’ll spotlight the must-try eateries, from traditional gems to contemporary boundary-pushers. It’s all part of our Definitive... ASIAN FOOD GUIDE.


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¶lim¶The Bucket List

101 of the most epic, unique, rewarding,
and fun Valley experiences!


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