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¶lim¶Lines in the Sand

PHM1114Feat-2A rash of self-defense killings casts light on Arizona’s stand-your-ground law. Are we primed for a Florida-size controversy?

t first they thought the scratching at the door was a javelina. No such luck. Robert Verdugo, 23, his girlfriend Jessica Luna, 21, and Jessica’s sister Deanna, 24, soon realized the noise at 601 N. Fourth Street in Globe was caused by Scott Johnson, 25, a former high-school classmate. It was a hot, late night in September 2010.


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¶lim¶2014 Best New Restaurants


It’s that time of year again. Our Super Bowl of the savory. Our Emmys of the edible. Our roundup of the year’s elite new purveyors of Valley food-craft.

Warning: Perusing this article may be dangerous for your waistline.

How we picked them: Each of our PHOENIX magazine food writers compiled a Top 10 list of their favorite new restaurants in the Valley. We tallied the scores and used a weighted scale to favor the restaurants that appeared most often – and disadvantage those our writers visited, but left off their lists.


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¶lim¶Traffick Stop

PHM1014Feat-3Next year’s Super Bowl is bringing the issue of sex trafficking to the fore in Arizona. The truth is more complicated: It’s been with us all along.

avannah Sanders doesn’t stand out in the crowd at her office’s sunlit café. Like many a busy modern woman, the wife and mother of four fields phone calls while eating a salad – juggling her job with volunteer work and graduate school. Her cherubic face and soft-spoken, direct demeanor do not whisper of trauma. None of the businesspeople breezing by would suspect she was sex-trafficked at 16.


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¶lim¶Maximum AZ

PHM1014BOV27The richest person. The strongest man. The hottest hot sauce. Find them all in this salute to Arizona’s most outstanding outliers.

Most Powerful Computer
Just as the ultra-wealthy have the Forbes 400, super-powerful computers have, a website that doggedly tracks – and ranks – the world’s most insanely fast computers. Arizona’s reigning champion: a little machine called El Gato at the University of Arizona.


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¶lim¶A Tale of Two Boomburbs

chandler, gilbert, boomburbsWith record expansion, Chandler and Gilbert have emerged from Mesa’s shadow in the Southeast Valley. But how much growth is left?

“Country Burb” Gilbert
The East Valley "town" of 229,000 boasts lower crime rates and higher household income than Chandler.

“City Burb” Chandler
Led by the tech industry, Chandler manufacturers ship $3.9 billion in goods annually, compared to $416 million in Gilbert.

Looking to split their time between Seattle and the Valley of the Sun, Michael and Sherry Dryja nearly bought a new high-rise condo in Downtown Phoenix. They liked the urban scene and amenities. Ultimately, they settled on a place in the Southeast Valley town of Gilbert.


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¶lim¶Trial by Fire

Tiara Del Rio, Beau ZimbroNearly burned alive in a gas explosion, a young West Valley couple beats the odds – and  makes medical history.

October 16, 2013, 9:19 p.m.
When the house at 7916 W. Cholla St. exploded, it rocked a Peoria police patrol car idling only 15 feet away. Officer Kenneth Tarrant happened to be sitting in the cruiser, wrapping up a traffic case.

He radioed for help, then ran to aid the young man and woman running from the house. They were screaming in agony. They managed to tell him they’d been badly burned. Tarrant asked if anybody else was in the house. The answer was no.


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¶lim¶Arizona Wine Country

wine, javelina leap vineyardYour guide to the most quaffable wines, tantalizing tasting rooms, and beauteous B&Bs that Arizona has to offer..

Picking Your Poison
Arizona wine is rising up faster than a tangle of summer syrah vines. In 1990, there were five licensed wineries in the state. Today, there are 91, with roughly a dozen more due to open by the end of next year – each providing an additional tourism boon to the state’s three main growing regions. Similar but distinct, these high-country hotspots each present a dreamy fall drive.


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