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¶lim¶Captain Hooked

PHM 500x500 FPO*Warning: This story contains harsh and profane language.

The fearless founder of Phoenix-based pirate radio station KWFUCC goes global online while  hijacking Valley airwaves.

Last December, strange transmissions on the 87.9 FM frequency started bombarding southbound traffic on Arizona State Route 51 near central Phoenix: obscure Grateful Dead songs; flatulence sounds; Morse code messages; weird electro mashups using Beatles samples; the soundtracks for The Sound of Music and Conan the Barbarian. But no station identification.
No commercials.
No DJ talking.


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¶lim¶Fly Girls

PHM0515 FeatureFlyThe world of fighter pilots isn’t exclusively a boys’ club – but with the retirement of one decorated airborne warrior, it might soon
be at Luke Air Force Base.

The first time Lt. Col. Melissa May, call sign “Shock,” flew in combat was in 2003. The theater: Iraq. It was Night 1 of Operation Iraqi Freedom and it would be the first mission where American fighters would press northbound across the no-fly zone and face the readied Iraqi air defenses.


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¶lim¶Mexican Food Guide

PHM0515 FeatureMexYou’ve come a long way, bebÉ. From old-school chimis to Mod-Mex burritos, we present this head-to-tail guide to the Valley’s favorite sort-of-foreign cuisine.

The Chile Whisperer
Are you a Mexican food fan with a DIY streak? Elote Cafe chef Jeff Smedstad shares his favorite recipes for sublime Mexican cuisine.
In his early 20s, Jeff Smedstad roamed interior Mexico, falling in love with the cuisine and the people – after attending Scottsdale Culinary School, he opened Los Sombreros with then-wife Azucena Tovar in 1994. Smedstad left Los Sombreros in 2006 to open Elote Cafe in Sedona – our choice for the state’s best Mexican restaurant, incidentally – but he still undertakes frequent research-and-development trips. One of his greatest joys is discovering new farmers and producers in the fertile Verde Valley surrounding Sedona, allowing him to blend Old World Mexican with New World sensibilities in some of the most exciting Mexican food ever to pass our lips. We asked Smedstad to share some recipes from his 2009 cookbook, The Elote Cafe Cookbook, and tell us about a few of the essential ingredients in the Mexican pantry. (Cookbook recipes reprinted with permission.)


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2015 Top Doctors

521 of the Valley’s Best Doctors/ Top Doctors 1995-2015/ 20th Anniversary Edition

PHOENIX magazine published its first list of the Valley’s best doctors in 1995. Twenty years and 2,457 peer-selected physicians later, Top Docs is our most popular annual issue – a trusted and venerable resource for local medical care. Find our 2015 list in this special commemorative edition, along with up close and personal profiles of docs in different specialties, history and all-time rankings.


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¶lim¶Risky Business

PHM0415WD01XMedical marijuana’s secret benefactors include some of the Valley’s most prominent business people – and some are no longer worried about remaining secret.

It doesn’t take long, surveying the parade of guests arriving at the exclusive Big Game Big Give charity bash at Matt and Erika Williams’ 20,000-square-foot estate on north Invergordon Road, to realize this is not the Paradise Valley Super Bowl party George Clooney was rumored to be attending.


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¶lim¶Arizona Meditation Guide

PHM0415AMG01BYour path to relaxation, inner peace & lower blood pressure begins here.

You walk into a dusky room lit only by sprays of afternoon light filtering in through a few windows. A dozen silk yoga hammocks are suspended from wooden beams slightly lower than the ceiling in the Agave Center at Miraval, a health and wellness resort in Tucson


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¶lim¶MD Moonlighters

PHM0415MDM01BWhen they’re not busy healing bodies and saving lives,these industrious Valley docs find time for some rather amazing side gigs.

A young girl dances joyfully. Nearby, a young woman dances seductively. Two hooky-playing boys swing on rope, laughing. A Navajo warrior stands proud, rifle in hand, while a Native mother and her child pick peaches.


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