The Last Word

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Drink Issue: March 2013
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Nicknamed the “elixir of life,” Chartreuse is a potent herbal liqueur distilled with a secret blend of 130 herbs. Only two French monks know the recipe at any given time – and they’ve taken a vow of silence on the matter.

Perhaps this tight-lipped process is what Prohibition-era bartenders at the Detroit Athletic Club were alluding to when they coined The Last Word, a recently resurfaced Chartreuse cocktail that tastes like a garden in a glass.       

Lux’s twist starts with two sprigs of fresh thyme in a large mixing glass. Mixologists add 1 oz. of green Chartreuse and swirl, then grab a lighter and spray Grüne Fee absinthe through the flame to set the alcohol ablaze. They douse the mixture with 1 oz. lime juice and finish with equal parts St. George Botanivore gin and Luxardo maraschino liqueur, then double strain and pour into a pretty tumbler. It’s a spicy vintage drink that’ll turn your friends green with envy.

4400 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

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