Friday, March 27, 2015



Paz Cantina y Taqueria

PHM0315EB05New Downtown taqueria offers subtle variations on the tried and true upscale taco theme.


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Welcome Chicken + Donuts

PHM0315Flash-WelcomeCenPho’s favorite micro-diner makes holy matrimony of two deep-fried favorites.


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The Upton

PHM0315Flash-UptonLed by its longtime sous chef, the former Petite Maison is less French and less ritzy, but a classy nosh nonetheless.


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Diego Pops

0215EB08Old Town has a new Caribbean king.

Last February, Pottery Paradise in Old Town Scottsdale shuttered after an historic 60-year-run. In its place, we now find Diego Pops, a casual Mexican eatery with Mayan, Yucatan and Caribbean influences. Out with birdbaths and railing planters, in with plantain bowls and tuna tacos.


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Shabu Fondue

0215EB05Chef Johnny Chu’s hot pots return for a steamy, mouthwatering experience.

Megan Draper’s cheesy appetizer from the Mad Men Season 6 opener looked so scrumptious it landed in a cookbook aptly titled Fondue. But the gooey Swiss standard isn’t the only trending heat-and-dip option. In August, chef Johnny Chu unveiled Shabu Fondue, a petite North Phoenix eatery serving Japanese “shabu-shabu.” The concept is simple: meats, veggies and noodles cooked tableside in broth. The fun part: You do the cooking.


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Marigold Maison

PHM0215Flash-6-MarigoldIs the Valley hungry for upscale Indian cuisine? The brain trust behind Roka Akor is betting on it.

The new Marigold Maison is as much a proving ground as it is a place to get a good plate of tikka masala or tandoori chicken. And if Valley diners respond as the owners anticipate, you may see Marigolds blooming around the country.


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PHM 500x500 FPOFormer Eddie V’s chef Tom Harvey sticks with the script at his palate-pleasing West Valley food pub.

In the 2014 sleeper hit Chef, the titular character reluctantly forgoes an adventurous menu in favor of cooking his “greatest hits.” Local chef Tom Harvey, formerly of Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, goes a similar route at Cuff, a newly-opened American eatery in the West Valley. The movie comparison probably ends there – Cuff owner David Chang (Zang’s Asian Bistro) doesn’t strike me as the kind of seething control freak Dustin Hoffman plays in the flick – but plating things safe is a wise move in downtown Glendale, where culinary piety, not experimentation, is most prized.


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