Saturday, March 28, 2015

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Pedal Pushers

Whether you’re touring town on a cruiser or freewheeling corners with fellow fixies, these bike-themed eateries can help you refuel for the road.


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Spirited Away

Creaking doors, mysterious voices and pernicious pasts make some local watering holes a magnet for seekers of the strange. But even the staunchest skeptic won’t stand a ghost of a chance against these hauntingly good happy hours.


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New Brew Crew

When it comes to hops hotspots, the Valley’s pint glass runneth over. Check out the sudsy happy hours at these new local brewpubs.

Fate Brewing Company
7337 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale
Word of mouth, a well-trained brewmaster and a touch of kismet have made Steve McFate’s cozy pub a neighborhood success story. At happy hour, bar stools are as limited as Fate’s small-batch beers, so come early. House brews cost $3.75,


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By the Numbers


71 American Grille
28615 N. El Mirage Rd., Peoria
Old Glory was displayed at the Washington Monument only after a 1971 presidential proclamation. 71 American Grille, on the other hand, has been star-spangled ever since opening in mid-2013. Red, white and blue-painted walls and tables coated with U.S. travel memorabilia smack of national pride, as does


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Shots in the Dark

Having embraced anti-booze laws years before Prohibition, early 20th-century Arizona was no stranger to speakeasies. These cozy hideaways are a welcome throwback to an era of secrecy and intrigue.


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Beach Cruisers

An easy alternative to a 215-mile drive to the coast, these happy hours offer an instant seaside vacation with no sunscreen required.


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Thai One On

Take your mouth on a 
Southeast Asian tour while getting more Bangkok for your buck at these flavorful happy hours.

Sa Bai Modern Thai
4121 E. Thomas Rd., Phoenix

First-time restaurateurs Eric and Atchara “Holly” Willis bucked convention when they transformed a cookie-cutter fast food building into a chic Asian bistro. Happy hour brings soft candlelight and $2 off


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