Wednesday, July 30, 2014



El Corazon

PHM0814Flash-1-8In Disney’s Frozen, Queen Elsa mistakenly turns her sister’s heart to ice. When Tanzy/iPic master mixologist Adam Seger frosts El Corazon, on the other hand, it’s no accident. Seger utilizes liquid nitrogen to instantly crystallize the cocktail’s ingredients at -189 degrees Celsius, producing a smoky dry-ice effect that’s great for parties. “[It’s] completely safe to consume,” he says. “The air that we breathe contains nitrogen.”


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Raising Arizona

PHMEB19The 1987 cult classic Raising Arizona put several Phoenix landmarks in the public eye, from Lost Dutchman State Park to The Phoenician. Inspired by the film’s Valley-centric landscape, Crudo co-owner Micah Olson developed a sunny twist on the classic Negroni that incorporates two local cocktail products. Olson added salt and cucumber to tame the drink’s natural bitterness, just as the Coen brothers’ witty dialogue made the film’s dark themes more palatable.


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The Enlightened Traveler

0614PHMEB16Mixologist Brian Godwin might not know it, but travel guru Lee Abbamonte is his muse. At 35, Abbamonte claims to be the youngest American to have visited every country in the world, racking up 300-plus passport stamps. Similarly, Godwin packs a fair amount of globetrotting into The Enlightened Traveler, his exotic spiced cocktail at The Gladly. Inspired by the image of a turn-of-the-century steamer trunk plastered with visa stickers, Godwin mingles bold notes of clove and leather that evoke travels ranging from African safaris to Indian bazaars.


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Temperance Trap

PHM 500x500 FPORhubarb is more than just a pie plant. The veggie’s bittersweet taste and high fiber content make it the perfect base for Zucca Amaro, an herbal digestif first served in the courts of 19th-century Italian royalty. Amaro also reigns supreme in the Temperance Trap, a delightfully earthy libation named for its addictive nature. “It’s the Achilles’ heel of any person who is trying to drink less,” promises Clever Koi beverage director Joshua James.


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Detox Margarita

Sun worshippers are wise to aloe vera’s use as a topical post-soleil soother. But long before the first Scottsdale sunbather slathered gelatinous plant leaves on her lobster-red shoulders, the Knights Templar were lacing their wine with aloe. Others have eaten the spiky succulent to treat everything from tuberculosis to wrinkles.


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The Reba

Born on March 28, country superstar Reba McEntire has an astrological chart that sums her up in a nutshell: bubbly, vulnerable and unpredictable. Long before McEntire garnered two Grammys and a star on the Walk of Fame, she was shoveling hay on her family's Oklahoma farm and dreaming of becoming a professional barrel rider – the only rodeo event open to women at that time.


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Pink Rose of Texas

Austin's good ol' boys blushed like schoolgirls when the University of Texas Longhorns donned special gear for a K-State bout last fall. Team members paraded onto the field slicked out in rose-colored socks, gloves and warm-up sneakers – no doubt getting a little ribbing from their backcountry brethren who didn't get the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month memo.


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