Thursday, October 30, 2014
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  • Oven + Vine

    PHMEB10New Downtown eatery from the Portland’s brain trust scores points for comfort fare, adorable digs.

    You have to love a restaurant that makes this declaration on its menu: “Food critics are welcome, but loyal customers are king.” No offense taken. Sometimes critics and loyal customers are one in the same, particularly when it’s a stone-cold charmer like Oven + Vine.

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  • Saffron Indian Bistro

    PHMEB07No-frills West Valley eatery emphasizes substance over style.

    Saffron Indian Bistro isn’t what you’d expect. Sandwiched between a salon and an Asian market in a nondescript strip mall, the tiny ethnic eatery is waiting-room-stark, with laminate four-tops, counter register and red-and-black Hindi numerals spray-painted on white walls. No burning incense or colorful sari fabrics here.

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  • Petite Maison

    PHM1114Flash-6-PetiteMaisonSacré bleu! Chef James Porter’s Old Town reboot makes glorious transgression of classic French cuisine.

    If you’ve kept abreast of the Valley dining scene over the past five years, chances are you know about Petite Maison, whether you’ve dined there or not. Tucked into a quiet block in bustling Old Town Scottsdale, the cozy, unpretentious restaurant has been a vanguard of classic French bistro food from the… Read More +

  • Second Story Liquor Bar

    PHM1014EB11Costumed servers and clever concepts only tell half the story at this food-forward Scottsdale pseudo-speakeasy.

    Sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. On my initial visit to the Second Story Liquor Bar, I pegged the restaurant as a tad gimmicky – the servers are dressed in Mad Men-era lace and pearls, the menu reads like a four-act play divided into intro, prologue, plot and finale,… Read More +

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  • Asian Persuasion

    Grab your chopsticks and keep a kung-fu grip on your wallet with discount potstickers and Mai Tais at these three… Read More +

  • Reverse Drive

    Whether you’re gearing up for a night on the town or winding down after a difficult workday, these three late-night… Read More +

  • Hit the Sauce

    From thin crust and Sicilian pizzas to craft drafts and vodka on tap, these three Italian happy hours dish up… Read More +

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  • Tableside Guac

    At most Latin and Mexican restaurants, the guacamole is whipped up in the kitchen behind closed doors. But when you… Read More +
  • Rainbow Veggie Plate

    Healthy eating has become a higher priority for Aaron Chamberlin, owner of Phoenix Public Market Café and sister restaurant St.… Read More +
  • Veggie Patties

    You can ask Eden's Grill owner Nahren Kawry what spices up the popular Mediterranean restaurant's veggie patty ($13.95), but she… Read More +
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