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Written by Leah LeMoine Category: At Home Issue: April 2015
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Book a spa experience any time at your home oasis.

Imagine the peaceful, total-body, mind-scrambling satisfaction you feel after a great massage. Now imagine bringing that feeling into your home – a bit of nirvana in your bathroom or backyard.

It’s not such a stretch, says Jeremy Smith, showroom director of Central Arizona Supply, his family’s plumbing, bathroom and kitchen fixture emporium. “Hotels have changed the style... When [people] travel, they stay at these nice hotels and they’re bringing some of that hotel [spa] space into their own home,” Smith says. “It’s very simple, it’s very white, it’s very clean and it’s very peaceful. It’s creating a simplified experience, ultimately, because everything else in our lives is so nuts.”

Freestanding tubs are a huge trend, though he says they’re often more psychologically than physically relaxing. “It’s not always for people to lie in and enjoy the bath experience,” Smith says. “They don’t think they have time for that, but just the vision of it in their bathroom brings about that experience. The bathtub is now more of a visual, beautiful thing to look at.” Steam, body sprays and overhead showers are more popular than ever because they bring the spa experience into the everyday shower.

Fluffy towels, moisturizing soaks and aromatic accompaniments enhance relaxation. Samantha Irwin and her business partner Andrew King create hand-poured soy candles (he hand-crafts reusable ceramic containers and she blends and pours the clean-burning soy candles) under their Standard Wax label.

“Candles are so great for relaxation because they affect so many of the senses. Scent is obvious, but there’s something about seeing the flicker of the flame – and in our case the gorgeous piece of art, the container – or feeling a sense of warmth from the burning candle, even if it’s just imagined,” Irwin says. “It’s ingrained in us that candles equal relaxation, so the simple act of lighting one in your house can instantly transport you to a calmer state of mind.”

Weekly massages may not be in the budget, but a pretty candle and a long, steamy shower are pretty great substitutes.


Standard Wax
“Your home should always be a spa!” co-owner Samantha Irwin says. “Even if you aren’t running a bath and putting on a mud mask, the simple act of lighting a candle can make you feel like you’re at a spa while you go through the mail or watch TV.” Color-block candles ($26) come in handmade, reusable ceramic containers in Citrus + Black Currant, Sage + Pomegranate, Bergamot + Basil and White Tea + Thyme.

Central Arizona Supply
4750 N. 16th St., Phoenix,
16431 N. 90th St., Scottsdale,
Jets and LED lights are only the tip of the spa-experience iceberg in Central Arizona Supply’s showroom tub. MicroSilk hydrotherapy (developed by Jason International, the family business behind the original Jacuzzi) keeps water consistently warm and creates ultra-moisturizing, detoxifying water that removes impurities and improves circulation. Showroom manager Jeremy Smith says clients and employees who have tried the high-tech water have experienced eczema and psoriasis relief. Prices vary by project.


Imagine Backyard Living
15551 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop, Scottsdale
This model home by Creative Environments showcases Imagine Backyard Living’s Jacuzzi J-355 and an outdoor shower, which IBL owner and president David Ghiz says is “a very popular item these days” to bring the resort spa experience to the home. Customers can try out spas at IBL’s showroom. Prices vary by project.




7033 E. First Ave., Scottsdale
Quality linens make all the difference in recreating the spa experience at home. The 100 percent Egyptian cotton wash cloths, hand towels and bath towels ($18-$85) Valerianne sources from Portugal come in 60 different colors, but nothing says “spa” like fresh, fluffy white ones.