Sunday, January 25, 2015


Take-Home Chef

PHM0115Flash-1-TakeHomeChefFrom cake stands to cutting boards, outfit your kitchen like these local chefs.

Chefs are never really off the clock – even at home, they have to eat. And then answer questions from friends and family. Which knife should I buy? Stainless steel or nonstick pans? Which brand of food processor is the best?

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ZZZs the Day

PHM 500x500 FPOSnuggle up in your sleep sanctuary with these nighttime essentials.

The Linen Tree
6137 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
Above:“We don’t want to just sell you something and shoo you out the door,” says owner Kirk Laibe. “We want you to really be happy with what you buy.” Headboard starts at $1,675; mattress starts at $5,171; pillows start at $90; throw blankets start at $140.

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Form, Meet Function

PHMAH01Home or museum? Get the best of both with functional art pieces.

“Life’s too short not to have fun stuff,” says Terri Weisz, owner of Two Plates Full in Scottsdale. That holds especially true for aesthetes, for whom the merely perfunctory simply will not do. A plain wooden chair, a stark white cutting board, blandly basic décor?

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Gothic Chic

PHM1014HOME01Don’t be spooked – Gothic design is more about drama than dark forces.

Romance, drama, intrigue – the hallmarks of Gothic literature also make for captivating modern design. But just because your aesthetic is more Frankenstein than faux-Tuscan doesn’t mean you have to live in a vampire castle. Channel the mystique of Gothic design, and leave the gargoyles to The Munsters.

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H20 Show

waterfallFlow your own way with custom water features.

“People are naturally attracted to the sound of water. It has a calming, cooling aspect to it. It’s very healing. We want to be around water, we want to hear water.”

Ralph Biezad would know. The former Marine Corps machine gunner now owns Pondscapes AZ, a full-service landscape installation company that specializes in water features. His favorite features are pondless waterfalls, which have no standing water but instead recycle the same water when they’re turned on; when they’re off, the water goes into an underground basin. “You enjoy all the aspects of having water and you’re not wasting water,” Biezad says.

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Acting Shady

Block relentless sunbeams with these shades and screens.

Arizona’s painterly sunrises and sunsets are legendary, but the ceaseless sun can pose a problem for desert dwellers. To maximize protection from ultraviolet rays in your home and yard, design pros recommend you get shady.

“Arizona is a critical place to address your windows,” says Athena Hatch, co-owner with husband John of Athena’s Window Fashions in Mesa. Hatch says shade options, like the custom drapery she designs and manufactures and the Hunter Douglas shades she sells, can reduce 80 percent of solar heat gain through windows in summer. The result is eco- and wallet-friendly during Arizona’s apocalyptic-power-bill season. “It’s not just comfort – it’s a lot more,” Hatch says.

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Wireless Wonders

PHMAHOME01Form and function coexist in these chic, wire-free designs.

Nothing detracts from the design of a room quite like a tangled mass of wires suspended in the air like a digital spider. Banish these bundles of decorative blight by going wireless – or, at least, by creatively concealing them.

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