Saturday, May 23, 2015



Pane in the Glass

Reflect your sense of style with glass works for every part of the home.

Celebrated glass artist Dale Chihuly once said, “Glass is the most magical of materials. It transmits light in a special way.”


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Green Piece

LG LFX31935 refrigerator
This French door fridge, available in sizes ranging from 25 cubic feet to 33 cubic feet, has an Energy Star-Tier 1 rating, considered 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient than non-rated models. $2,199.

Spencers TV & Appliance
14202 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
(plus five more Valley locations)

Save natural and monetary resources with these eco-friendly and energy-efficient home products.
Your home could be killing trees, destroying the ozone layer, curtailing water supplies, and burning a hole in your pocket. The good news is, you can make a few changes to render your house more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and less of a burden on your pocketbook, too.


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Now and Zen

Add some Far Eastern flavor to your favorite rooms with Asian decor.

Simplicity. Depth. Drama. Nature. They’re more than spirituality buzz words; they’re also the signature elements of Asian decor. Many Asian-style interiors play to the Japanese concept of sabi (a philosophy attuned to chic simplicity) with clean lines and minimal ornamentation, while organic elements like greenery in clay pots and bamboo mats provide naturalistic texture contrasts.


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Office Space

Be your own boss with these studious and sharp home office offerings.

“The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”


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Make your home glow with exterior lighting accents

“So much architecture in the Southwest flows from the inside out, so you have to look at outdoor lighting as an extension of the interior of the house,” says Sue Calvin, managing partner at Scottsdale interior design firm Wiseman and Gale.


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Oh, What a Frill

Add some panache to your pad with these awesome home accessories

“Every room needs a slap in the face,” according to Geoffrey Ross, co-owner of New York-based Dransfield and Ross home furnishings. But if your D.I.Y. decor style runs slightly less pugilistic than knocking out walls and wrestling carpet away from concrete, you could play makeover instead and adorn your home with awesome accessories that upgrade the aesthetic of your rooms and express your personality – not so much a slap in the face as a dab of glitter on the cheeks.


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Techno Chef

LG Smart ThinQ Fridge
With 30.7 cubic feet of space, an alarm that sounds if the door’s left open more than 60 seconds, and multiple shelves and crispers, this refrigerator offers just about everything, including device-to-device connectivity and Smart ThinQ technology. $3,500. Available at Best Buy stores,

Get cooking with these amazing appliances and futuristic foodie tools.


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