Friday, December 19, 2014



Oh, What a Frill

Add some panache to your pad with these awesome home accessories

“Every room needs a slap in the face,” according to Geoffrey Ross, co-owner of New York-based Dransfield and Ross home furnishings. But if your D.I.Y. decor style runs slightly less pugilistic than knocking out walls and wrestling carpet away from concrete, you could play makeover instead and adorn your home with awesome accessories that upgrade the aesthetic of your rooms and express your personality – not so much a slap in the face as a dab of glitter on the cheeks.


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Techno Chef

LG Smart ThinQ Fridge
With 30.7 cubic feet of space, an alarm that sounds if the door’s left open more than 60 seconds, and multiple shelves and crispers, this refrigerator offers just about everything, including device-to-device connectivity and Smart ThinQ technology. $3,500. Available at Best Buy stores,

Get cooking with these amazing appliances and futuristic foodie tools.


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Flue Shots

Be hearth-healthy with these inviting and innovative fireplaces.

Fireplaces are hot in every sense of the word. But they’d be even hotter and smokier if not for the efforts of a 17th century Bohemian prince, a Count of the Holy Roman Empire, and a Founding Father of the United States. In 1678, Prince Rupert (nephew of Charles I) improved fireplace airflow by raising the grate; in the 18th century, Count Rumford designed tall, shallow fireboxes to improve ventilation, and Benjamin Franklin developed a convection chamber to more evenly distribute heat.


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Pet Project

Make changes fur the better to boost your rooms’ pet-friendly quotient.

Late British veterinary surgeon James Herriot said, “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort,” while 19th century social reformer Henry Ward Beecher opined, “The dog is the god of frolic.” So it stands to reason that a pet owner’s home should have at least one room that’s both plush and playful.


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Haute Springs

Make a splash with these decorative water features

The fountain pictured left features hand-carved cantera scuppers mounted in a moss-rock veneered wall with a built-in trough. Boulders over the spa create a grotto fall. Call for pricing.


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Stellar Surfaces

Spiff up your home aesthetic with these textured surfaces, and you may never go back to flat again.

Go ahead: Dare to dream of a home where you can waltz up the shimmering steps of a staircase, wash your hands by the frosty mint-green light of your sink, and watch the walls pop in undulating waves. No need for hallucinogens – when you’re ready to get creative with home surfaces, such aesthetics are naturally available.


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Space Case

Too much stuff? Keep your cache in the closet – or the cabinet – with these creative storage solutions.

What’s lurking in the back of your cabinets? If you’re not sure where Grandma’s prized doilies went, or why you have 10 boxes of petrified macaroni in the pantry, then perhaps it’s time to reorganize. Getting rid of excess stuff is one way of organizing our homes, but as the late comedian George Carlin pointed out, “That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time.”


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