Monday, March 30, 2015



Bling It On

PHM0214Flash-1-3aIce your pad with sparkle and sheen.

Last year, “bling-bling” celebrated the 10th anniversary of its inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary – a decade of decadence. Channel that celebration of conspicuous consumption in your home decor, but in small splashes. Think Beyoncé, not Flavor Flav.

“A little bit of bling is a nice thing, but... a little too much is a bit much,” says Gabrielle Roeckelein, interior designer and president of Park Avenue Design in Scottsdale. “Metallics are very hot right now. The fashion industry has it and our furnishings follow the fashion, normally.”


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Set the scene as you set the table for holiday merriment.

The holiday table can go one of two ways: setting for a convivial meal with warm, engaging conversation and true connection, or arena for fractured-family bickering and arguments about politics. Nudge it toward the former by crafting a beautiful and inviting tablescape.


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Hoe Down

How does your home garden grow? With these plants and accessories.

What do Kangaroo Paw, Bat-Faced Cuphea, Old Man’s Beard, and Devil’s Backbone have in common? No, they’re not characters in a nursery rhyme or ingredients in a witches’ brew – at least, any known witches’ brew. They’re all types of desert foliage. More importantly, they’re all types of desert foliage generally available at the Desert Botanical Garden’s Bi-Annual Plant Sale, held in March and October.


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Take a Cue

Get the gear for your home game room, then play on.

When your friends are calling shots on the billiards table in your home, they may not be thinking about the fragility of their surroundings – especially if they’re already five martinis in on a Friday night. That’s why space should be the foremost consideration when designing a home game room, according to Sherry Hauser, ASID, of Valley-based Hauser Designs (


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When Pigments Fly

Paint your pad to suit your moods with these colorful design tips and products.


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Pane in the Glass

Reflect your sense of style with glass works for every part of the home.

Celebrated glass artist Dale Chihuly once said, “Glass is the most magical of materials. It transmits light in a special way.”


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Green Piece

LG LFX31935 refrigerator
This French door fridge, available in sizes ranging from 25 cubic feet to 33 cubic feet, has an Energy Star-Tier 1 rating, considered 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient than non-rated models. $2,199.

Spencers TV & Appliance
14202 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale
(plus five more Valley locations)

Save natural and monetary resources with these eco-friendly and energy-efficient home products.
Your home could be killing trees, destroying the ozone layer, curtailing water supplies, and burning a hole in your pocket. The good news is, you can make a few changes to render your house more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and less of a burden on your pocketbook, too.


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