Friday, March 27, 2015



Acting Shady

Block relentless sunbeams with these shades and screens.

Arizona’s painterly sunrises and sunsets are legendary, but the ceaseless sun can pose a problem for desert dwellers. To maximize protection from ultraviolet rays in your home and yard, design pros recommend you get shady.

“Arizona is a critical place to address your windows,” says Athena Hatch, co-owner with husband John of Athena’s Window Fashions in Mesa. Hatch says shade options, like the custom drapery she designs and manufactures and the Hunter Douglas shades she sells, can reduce 80 percent of solar heat gain through windows in summer. The result is eco- and wallet-friendly during Arizona’s apocalyptic-power-bill season. “It’s not just comfort – it’s a lot more,” Hatch says.


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Wireless Wonders

PHMAHOME01Form and function coexist in these chic, wire-free designs.

Nothing detracts from the design of a room quite like a tangled mass of wires suspended in the air like a digital spider. Banish these bundles of decorative blight by going wireless – or, at least, by creatively concealing them.


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Tiki Chic

0614PHMAH01Raise a Mai Tai to these tropical totems and Polynesian-inspired patios.

As with B-movie memorabilia collectors and ‘50s fashion fiends, modern tiki enthusiasts must have an appreciation for kitsch. But just because you draw design cues from Hula’s Modern Tiki bar or reruns of Gilligan’s Island doesn’t mean you have to descend into tackiness – look to the latter’s well-heeled Howells, not its titular bucket-hatted boob, for inspiration.

Embracing tiki mainstays – torches, statues, waterfalls and tropical prints – but doing them in an elevated way prevents your outdoor oasis from turning into a garish display. Woven natural fibers take tiki torches up a notch, providing “extra lighting and ambiance,” says Julie Buchkowski, owner of Paul’s Ace Hardware. “The added benefit is they’re keeping away bugs” with their citronella flames.


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From Italy, With Love

PHM0514Flash-6When the room’s filled with tile and pizzelles in a pile, that’s amore.

Whether you draw more inspiration from the pristine marble sculptures of Michelangelo and the majestic travertine of the Colosseum, or the sleek skyscrapers and zippy Vespas of Milan, Italian design is all about passion and attention to detail. Just forget the “Tuscan” McMansions that have cropped up in the Valley over the last few decades, says Todd Zillweger, co-owner with Tim Harris of Relics Architectural Home & Garden.


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Altar-ed States

Pray, meditate and contemplate in your personal sacred space.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” So said American mythologist, author and academic Joseph Campbell. Whether you identify as religious, spiritual or somewhere in between, you can carve out your sacred space in the comfort of your home by designing your own altar or meditation place.


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Natural Beauty

Sustainability gets a makeover with recycled, upcycled and unearthed treasures.

Gone are the days of hemp pillowcases and rattan papasans. Modern, eco-minded design professionals have progressed beyond patchouli, with options for every aesthetic and household need. They're not blindly "going green" – they want their pieces to be stylish as well as sustainable.


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Global Fusion

Take a trip aroundworld with wander lust décor.

Lounge on an antique French settee, eat macarons and plan picnics on the banks of the Seine. Peer up at the soft glow emanating in geometric patterns from cinnamon-hued bronze lamps in a Middle Eastern oasis. Retire to a canopied bed draped with a jewel-toned paisley quilt from Jaipur.


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