Two-Step Program

Written by Key Transtrum Category: Arts Issue: May 2013

Embrace your inner honky-tonker at the Valley’s newest country bar, The Western. Located at “Cowboys and Indian School” in Old Town Scottsdale, this live-music-deluged watering hole aims to conjure the dirty-fun essence of a vintage Texas roadhouse, complete with an oak dance floor big enough for a legion of line-dancers. Nightlife mogul Tucker Woodbury and music promoter Charlie Levy, who previously collaborated on the Crescent Ballroom,

hope to offer a rootsy alternative to the pop-country trend. “There’s just a genuineness about old country music that resonates with people, and the more today’s country music moves away from its roots, the more demand there is for it,” Woodbury says. Local regulars include Tony Martinez, Dana Armstrong, and Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special. Woodbury also hopes to pull in national acts.


6830 E. Fifth Ave.