Star Power

Written by Niki D'Andrea Category: Arts Issue: May 2015
Group Mid-Level
Character count 2500
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READ IT: In Monte and the Magnificent Star: An Arizona Tale, a children’s book by Jennifer Hecker DuVal (wife of former Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal), a young boy named Monte (based on the DuVals’ son) and his dog stumble upon a lost star in the Arizona desert. In an effort to help the star find its home, the trio travels all over the state.

It’s not the most linear road trip (they go from Pinetop to Bisbee in the turn of a page), but it is entertaining and educational, with fun little tidbits about everything from the Grand Canyon Railway and Native American reservations to the lettuce farms of Yuma and the state capitol building. Colorfully illustrated by Tucson artist Sara Ruhe. Available on