Go Mad at MAC

Written by Kay Transtrum Category: Arts Issue: June 2013
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Walk into Bipolar – a provocative new exhibit at Mesa Arts Center – and you might feel obliged to get a little crazy. Collaborating artists Albert Kogel and Alice Leora Briggs have conjured a space that mimics an insane asylum, down to ominous iron bars created by a welder who built and runs a mental institution in Juarez, Mexico. Occupying two opposing U-shaped walls, the exhibit also features psychically-charged paintings by the dementia-dabbling duo. The two agree their styles are worlds apart, which helped bring the bipolar theme to life. “I hope that [those who attend the exhibit] feel a connection with the art, and have their own individual experience,” says Tucson-based Kogel. The exhibit runs through August 11. Visit mesaartscenter.com for more information.