Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gnome, Meet Poet

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It would be overly broad to simply call Saul Williams an “artist,” but reaching for a more specific term gets tricky. As a spoken word performer, actor, writer, singer/songwriter, and contributor to the New York Times, Esquire,

and Bomb magazine, Williams is more like a “poet on steroids.” Born in New York City and based in Paris, Williams won early acclaim in the finger-snap slam-poetry scene, helping the underground art form achieve street-level-popularity over a two-decade career. On Sunday, November 4, he’ll bring his unplugged verse to the cozy confines of Lawn Gnome Publishing – an even smaller venue than Crescent Ballroom (where he last performed in March), but ideal for his un-amplified stylings. Aw, snap. Tickets cost $15. Visit for more information.