Fred Tieken

Written by Dolores Tropiano Category: Arts Issue: September 2012
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Based on a panoramic painting by Tieken, and commissioned by nearby  Vermillion Studio, the mural excels as a bulk-rate sampler of Tieken’s work, which seems ubiquitous this season even though the Chicagoan-turned-Paradise Valley resident is relatively new to the local art scene.

In 2010, Tieken faced the prospect of going on dialysis but received a kidney from his wife, Gail. He was sufficiently shaken by the experience to trade his award-winning graphic design career for his true passion. Born in a one-room Illinois home, Tieken had always wanted to be an artist. He also enjoyed modest success in the ’60s with his band, Freddie Tieken and the Rockers. After his surgery, Tieken quickly sold several pieces of his art at Figarelli Galleries in Scottsdale and has since had more than 12 shows. “It has been a whirlwind of shows and awards,” Tieken, 76, says. “I love it.” Check out his canvases at 6th Avenue Gallery in Phoenix Oct. 4-22 and at Gallo Blanco Café & Bar in Phoenix Nov. 1-26, or visit

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“Time Marches On,” left; “Primal Beat,” right