Sunday, May 24, 2015


¶lim¶Captain Hooked

PHM 500x500 FPO*Warning: This story contains harsh and profane language.

The fearless founder of Phoenix-based pirate radio station KWFUCC goes global online while  hijacking Valley airwaves.

Last December, strange transmissions on the 87.9 FM frequency started bombarding southbound traffic on Arizona State Route 51 near central Phoenix: obscure Grateful Dead songs; flatulence sounds; Morse code messages; weird electro mashups using Beatles samples; the soundtracks for The Sound of Music and Conan the Barbarian. But no station identification.
No commercials.
No DJ talking.

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Star Power

PHM 500x500 FPOREAD IT: In Monte and the Magnificent Star: An Arizona Tale, a children’s book by Jennifer Hecker DuVal (wife of former Democrat gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal), a young boy named Monte (based on the DuVals’ son) and his dog stumble upon a lost star in the Arizona desert. In an effort to help the star find its home, the trio travels all over the state.

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Lalo Cota

PHM 500x500 FPOARTIST OF THE MONTH: “What's my favorite piece?” Lalo Cota repeats, settling in at Jobot coffeehouse in Downtown Phoenix. “The next one.” Less than a mile away, his most recent mural –  depicting an iconic skeletal bicyclist taking a leisurely cruise – graces the outside wall of Paz Cantina at Third and Roosevelt streets.

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In Case of Emergencies

PHM0415PF19In Case of Emergencies

An autism diagnosis might seem like an unlikely muse for a book of poetry, but when ASU professor Dr. Rosemarie Dombrowski’s son was diagnosed with the neurobiological disorder and developmental disability as a toddler, she took to the page. The Book of Emergencies (Five Oaks Press, $12.99) is a love letter to her son (now 14) as well as an “ethnographic account” of her “fieldwork in another culture” –  autism. Her heartbreakingly beautiful and mystical exploration of parenting a special-needs child continuously proves her view that “there’s something to be said for agonizing persistence, how it can resurrect things that are lost, transform the abject into something bearable, even beautiful.” Dombrowski is co-founder and co-host of the Phoenix Poetry Series, held the fourth Friday of every month at {9} the Gallery, 1229 Grand Ave., Phoenix. Visit for more information. A portion of proceeds will be donated to autism advocacy and research.

Vintage Industrial

PHM0415PF18BArtist of the Month

The buzz of chop saws mingles seamlessly with the aroma of welding gases inside a repurposed cotton mill at 13th and Jackson streets in Downtown Phoenix, and Greg Hankerson couldn’t be happier about it.

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Sounds of Silence


Sounds of Silence
What’s better than watching Buster Keaton ride a cow through the streets of Los Angeles, while dressed as Satan and being chased by a herd of angry cattle? Having a soundtrack to such a scene, of course. At 9 p.m. on Saturday, March 21, Valley ensemble RPM Orchestra will provide a live film score to Keaton’s 1925 silent film, Go West.

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Bob Boze Bell

PHM0315PF10Artist of the Month
Bob Boze Bell

 Bob Boze Bell is a man of many cowboy hats: executive editor of Cave Creek-based True West magazine, host of True West Moments on Encore’s Western channel, Arizona historian, author and artist. It might surprise some people to learn that Bell was actually an artist first – although he may prefer the term “cartoonist.”

“I’ve always been a budding cartoonist. In fact, I consider that my first love,” Bell says. “And I think S. Clay Wilson put it best when he said, ‘If you can’t be a cartoonist, perhaps you might be an artist.’”

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