Friday, May 22, 2015

Elvis Presley's Guitar at Musical Instrument Museum

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The Musical Instrument Museum will display rare items from Elvis Presley’s estate.

You don’t have to be a musician or a music lover to appreciate Elvis Presley’s impact on 20th-century pop culture. Now a unique collection of the king’s personal items is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in north Phoenix.


The exhibit’s centerpiece is a simple 1975 Martin D28 acoustic guitar that Presley played during his 1977 tour and at his final concert in Indianapolis. He died in August 1977 (about a month and a half later) at age 42.

Museum spokesman Alan di Perna says the guitar was discovered in an upstairs closet at Presley’s Graceland home in 1982. Museum restoration specialists are repairing minor damage to the guitar’s neck and body. It will be on display for two years starting August 6, along with at least a dozen other items from Presley’s estate. For more information, visit