Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Two-Step Program

Embrace your inner honky-tonker at the Valley’s newest country bar, The Western. Located at “Cowboys and Indian School” in Old Town Scottsdale, this live-music-deluged watering hole aims to conjure the dirty-fun essence of a vintage Texas roadhouse, complete with an oak dance floor big enough for a legion of line-dancers. Nightlife mogul Tucker Woodbury and music promoter Charlie Levy, who previously collaborated on the Crescent Ballroom,


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Goulding’s Lodge

For Annie Lopez, creating art is a way to neutralize her inner demons. Call it art as exorcism. “If something bad is going on, I put it in my artwork, hang it on the wall and release it,” says Lopez, who took solace in her craft after the death of her first son. “It lightens my burden.”


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Lauren Strohacker


A herd of 14 deer have taken over an empty lot in Downtown Phoenix. The life-sized animals are part of artist Lauren Strohacker’s ongoing attempt to reconnect man and nature by creating imagined habitats lost in the wake of human expansion. The sculptural installation, titled “Encounter,” is located at 408 E. Roosevelt St. and is part of InFlux, a temporary public art project.  


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Carolina Escobar


The Desert Botanical Garden has sprouted a series of surprising sculptures that somehow appear both alien to the Valley and perfectly at home amid the garden’s desert flora.

“Whispers of a New World: Sculpture by Carolina Escobar” features abstract caricatures of desert plants such as saguaros and barrel cactuses. 


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Instrumental Text


The story of blues guitarist Buddy Guy as a boy, using a necktie pin as a phonograph needle to play a 78-rpm record of John Lee Hooker’s “Boogie Chillin’” – by holding the pin between his teeth, no less – is one nugget in a gold mine of anecdotes in the book Guitar Masters: Intimate


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Joan Dulla


Joan Dulla never dreamed she’d make a living as an artist. That is, until she stumbled on an ingeniously literal way to cash in – by creating sculpture, jewelry and purses made from pennies, nickels and dollar bills.

The Chandler resident is currently showcasing her art at the 23rd annual Celebration of Fine Art in north Scottsdale. She is one of 100 artists selling and demonstrating their wares at the event, which runs through March 26.


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Heidi Uotila


Heidi Uotila’s art has always been a bit beastly. As a grade-schooler in Ohio, she was once disciplined for drawing animals in class. The punishment didn’t deter her. Today, the Ohio State University-trained artist focuses all of her artistic energy on animals. Art Gone Wild, an exhibit featuring more than 20 of Uotila’s handcrafted ceramic and bronze sculptures, is on view in Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport through March 10. Part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Phoenix Zoo, the show includes zebras, tigers, giraffes and more, corralling a mini menagerie for air travelers.


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