Thursday, October 23, 2014



Comedy Clubs

Get your gritty, goofy, awkward and intense comedy kicks from these five stand-up spots around the Valley.


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Robert Fisher documentary

A new documentary explores the 2001 murder that rocked Arizona.

As a man fascinated by true crime, it’s no wonder director Charlie Minn is interested in Robert Fisher, the Scottsdale man who allegedly murdered his wife and two children, blew up his home, escaped to the Tonto National Forest near Payson and disappeared for more than 10 years, never to be found. Minn’s new documentary, Where Is Robert Fisher?, explores the man who shook Scottsdale forever.


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Artist Patrick Murillo

In some ways, there’s nothing simpler than a skeleton. But Patrick Murillo’s skeletons go beyond bare bones. The Dia de Los Muertos artist imbues them with humor, feeling and, yes, even sex appeal. “I’ve learned to inject emotion into a skeleton without a caption, which isn’t easy,” says Murillo, 46. “I even make skeleton girls sexy with boobs. I challenge anyone to do that.” 


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SmoCA Showcases Amateur Art

People’s Biennial redefines ‘artist’ by highlighting work from regular people in the neighborhood. Scottsdale is the next stop on the exhibit’s national tour.

David Hoelzinger, a Phoenix doctor, spent 20 years documenting his life with detailed cartoons he drew each day in his calendar.


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Contemporary Art Institute

Passionate art collectors have created a mobile art institute to showcase under-appreciated local and international talent.

The idea for the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA) came up one afternoon when Phoenix art collector Ted Decker was eating beef tacos with his art-loving pals Eddie Shea and Greg Esser outside of Rito’s Mexican Food restaurant in Downtown Phoenix.


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Downtown Phoenix Murals

The once-whitewashed walls of Phoenix are transforming into an open-air showcase for some of the Valley’s most dynamic artists. Forget graffiti – this is a mural revolution.


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New Latino Arts Fest

A new, two-month-long celebration highlighting Latino arts and heritage could put Phoenix on the country’s cultural festival map.

Let’s play a game. We’ll say the festival, you name its city. 1) South by Southwest. 2) Sundance. 3) CALA.


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