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Panna Gotta
Modern twists give classic Italian desserts a kick in the posteriore. Quiessence6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, 602-276-0601, qatthefarm.comClassic Italian desserts aren’t always the most fetching. T...
From Italy, With Love
When the room’s filled with tile and pizzelles in a pile, that’s amore. Whether you draw more inspiration from the pristine marble sculptures of Michelangelo and the majestic travertine of the...
The Henry
Part comfort-minded eatery, part corporate nerve-center, this new offering from Sam Fox is everything a flagship should be. When it comes to Sam Fox immersion, it seems the rich are getting richer...
Run, Forest
One year after the tragic Yarnell Hill Fire, Arizona’s forest rangers and firefighters brace themselves for another wildfire season. “Nervous.” That’s how Lakeside forest ranger Ed Collins...
Locals’ Las Vegas
Eat, drink and play like a native in the rehabilitated heart of Nevada’s most notorious city. When hacking through the human jungle that is the Las Vegas Strip, one encounters the expected night...
Herb Wilson
Globetrotting Chef He appeared on The Today Show and Top Chef Masters, dated talk show diva Star Jones and rubs elbows with the likes of Anthony Bourdain. Still, Herb Wilson refuses to think of hi...
Arrow Heads
Do you know bow? Enhance your archery skills with these local clubs. As more bow-and-arrow-wielding protagonists save the day in blockbuster movies, interest in archery is starting to curve. Wheth...
Cool for Spool
World yo-yo champion Tyler Severance has the world on a string. “Yo-yo groupies do exist,” Tyler Severance says. “But there are groupies for every facet of skill in the world. If you can set...
  • Panna Gotta

    PHM0514Flash-8Modern twists give classic Italian desserts a kick in the posteriore.

    6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, 602-276-0601,
    Classic Italian desserts aren’t always the most fetching. Tiramisu is generally a drab slab of cake, and panna cotta is nothing more than an ordinary cup of custard. However, turn… Read More +

  • Temperance Trap

    PHM 500x500 FPORhubarb is more than just a pie plant. The veggie’s bittersweet taste and high fiber content make it the perfect base for Zucca Amaro, an herbal digestif first served in the courts of 19th-century Italian royalty. Amaro also reigns supreme in the Temperance Trap, a delightfully… Read More +

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  • Herb Wilson

    PHM0514Flash-4Globetrotting Chef

    He appeared on The Today Show and Top Chef Masters, dated talk show diva Star Jones and rubs elbows with the likes of Anthony Bourdain. Still, Herb Wilson refuses to think of himself as a “celebrity” chef. “I would… Read More +

  • Paul Goldschmidt

    PHM0414 Slideshow PFSpotArizona Diamondbacks star

    Paul Goldschmidt, aka “America’s First Baseman,” hardly seemed destined for stardom. Ignored by major college baseball programs out of high school, the 6’3” Texas State product fell all the way to the eighth round before the… Read More +

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When Valley TV personality Tara Hitchcock goes somewhere, she goes big! Follow her adventure in Tara's Big Travels

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  • Wave of Madness

    Despite a marketing whitewash and new state laws, “bath salts” remain Arizona’s latest dangerous designer drug of choice – and a thriving local industry.

    Read More +
  • Hunger Games

    Proposed federal cutscould have devastating effects on the one in six Arizonans who use food stamps. But can we afford to feed millions of people?

    Read More +
  • Class Dismissed

    As the constitutionality of Arizona’s ethnic studies classes law is debated in court, the question still simmers: How can schools teach American history without marginalizing – or militarizing – some groups of students? Read More +

  • Popped Culture

    Arizona boasts some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation. But how tough is too tough?
    Beverly Mason Biggers has a good reason – the most personal of reasons, in fact – for devoting herself to the fight… Read More +

  • Incarceration, Inc.

    Private prisons profit from government contracts while touting taxpayer savings, secure facilities and superior services. But following high-profile escapes, do our corrections need correcting?On July 30, 2010, three convicted murderers – John McClusky, Daniel Renwick and Tracy Province –… Read More +

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  • 2013 Best New Restaurants

    It was a banner year for the Valley dining scene – such an abundance of great new restaurants, in fact, that PHOENIX magazine was forced to cut several worthy candidates from our final roster. It was agonizing, but we… Read More +

  • Cheap Eats

    Contrary to popular belief, "eating well" and "spending little" can be synonymous. From $4 meatball hoagies to low-dollar delicacies from the best local kitchens, we present this definitive guide to the Valley's most bodacious bargain cuisine.


    Read More +
  • 2012 Best New Restaurants

    Our annual guide to the Valley's newest crop of culinary keepers.

    Astor House
    2243 N. 12th St., Phoenix
    Opened: April 2012
    Cuisine: American
    Price: $
    Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Tu-Sa, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Su;… Read More +

  • Cuoco Pazzo

    Chef Peter DeRuvo and Mario Rana Jr.’s seasonal Roman-style dishes bring fresh flair to Old Town Scottsdale.

    Have you ever known a couple that seems to have nothing in common, and you wonder how they ever got together?… Read More +

  • 7 Wives Saison

    These days, beer is increasingly nudging wine aside as the preferred food-pairing potation. So it’s fitting that Scottsdale-based Sonoran Brewing Company is teaming up with four Valley chefs to brew small batch beers (1,000 bottles or less) made with local… Read More +

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  • 52 Weekend Adventures -2012

    From historic hollows and Hummer half-pipes to dapper dude ranches and to-die-for drives, we’re serving up a bountiful birthday helping of 52 weekend adventures to help you christen Arizona’s second century of statehood. Plus: New… Read More +

  • The Arizona Trail

    Celebrate the completion of the state-long Arizona National Scenic Trail with these highlight hikes.Finally, outdoor lovers have a boots-on-the-ground way to experience our state’s mesmerizing diversity, border-to-border. Just in time for Arizona’s Centennial, the state-traversing Arizona Trail has debuted… Read More +

  • The Boutique Beaches of San Diego

    No use denying it: PHOENIX magazine is in the bag for San Diego. You could set your seasonal clock to our annual San Diego-themed headlines: “San Diego: A Paradise for Tourists,” “Swimsuits… Read More +

  • Great Arizona Campsites and Cabins

    From cowboy-chic cabins and high-altitude campsites to recreation-rich mountain retreats and old fire guard stations, we've mined the Copper State for gems of nature loving lodging.

    Lodging under the stars in Arizona's high country forests doesn't have to mean schlepping… Read More +

  • New Mexico Skiing

    Santa Fe and Taos are famous for their arts scenes, but the surrounding slopes make a scenic ski escape for bunny-slopers to black-diamond daredevils.
    It starts with a soft chant somewhere up on the dark, snow-covered ski slope. “TOOORCH-light….… Read More +

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  • Hells Angels Shootout

    After a fierce shootout last year in Chino Valley between members of the Hells Angels and rival bikers the Vagos, it seems a turf battle is brewing. Could Phoenix be a future battleground?

    It was a peaceful Saturday morning… Read More +

  • A Heady Brew

    When brain cancer attacked his craft-brew-loving wife, Louis Dolgoff devised a charity just for her.

    On August 29, 2009, Laurie Dolgoff was near the end of a long, agonizing journey. The cancer in her brain – a glioblastoma multiforme, the most… Read More +

  • A Fungus Among Us

    A rare, fungus-spawned disease that mimics cancer thrives in Arizona. Just another weird local bug.
    It’s a medical mystery worthy of a House season cliffhanger: A treatable infection that strikes few and far between, with a mere 44 known… Read More +

  • 100 Years and Counting

    On the cusp of Arizona’s Centennial, a Phoenix woman is working to end age discrimination by celebrating Arizonans over age 100.
    Just before Doris Krapell’s family moved to Arizona from chilly 
    Washington, her father told her she could run… Read More +

  • Raiders of the Lost Art

    The majority of Arizona’s museum collections reside in storage. What argosies of art and artifact are concealed in their basements?

    There’s a painting hanging in the basement of the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tucson. It alone adorns a… Read More +

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