• Eternal SpringsAfter four decades of disuse and a parade of frustrated owners, Arizona’s first resort is finally reborn.
  • The Cray DivorcéA decade ago, Dwight Lamon Jones was a stay-at-home dad living in a million-dollar Scottsdale home. What caused him to snap and murder six people?
  • Autumn in Park CityWinter gets all the love in Utah’s ski capital, but it’s got fall down to a fine art, too.
  • Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-RimShare your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page.
  • 2018 Where to LiveValley real estate is humming. But how much higher can it go before the next dip? And which neighborhoods have yet to peak? Visit our annual, Valleywide open house for the answers. Bonus: A reconceived map of booming Downtown Phoenix.
  • King of the CoconinoIn 1927, the nation sank its fangs into the real-life drama of a Hollywood lion stranded in Arizona’s Rim Country.
  • From Russia with (Tough) LoveFormer Soviet star Boris Dorozhenko leads one of the nation’s hottest kids’ hockey camps on 54-year-old ice rink in Phoenix. So where are the Coyotes’ scouts?
  • Sharman HickmanSharman Hickman is the egg ambassador at Hickman’s Family Farms.
  • The Debt and Debit GenerationMillenials face a collision of factors hindering their financial futures.
  • Pre-K DelayArizona preschools lag behind the national average, but varying standards may play a role.
  • Pod PeopleLocal podcasting blasts off with the Valley’s first dramatic podcast and first podcast network.
  • What’s in Your… Gym Bag? with Lucas JamesCelebrity personal trainer Lucas James shares his everyday exercise essentials.

Valley News

Valley News

Business Buzz: Back East

Regional distinction pays off for the East Valley.

Drink This


The Green Lantern

Gin, lime, honeydew, green Chartreuse and fresh cracked pepper make a spicy and bright cocktail.



Dr. Door Knocker

Congressional Democratic hopeful Dr. Hiral Tipirneni managed to close a huge portion of the West Valley’s GOP gap in a special election this past April. Will November’s rematch against Rep...

Food Reviews

Food Reviews

The Root and Soul

Soul food scion Christian Buze tries a few new things with his first foray into the family business. Wise diners will stick with the standards.



In Vino VeritAZ

Arizona wine meets Arizona-made glassware.



Artist of the Month: Lily Reeves

Glow with Lily Reeves, a neon artist with a graduate’s degree in the craft from Arizona State University.



Sharman Hickman

Egg Ambassador

Food Scene

Three Bites

Skin-On Stunners

Once a throwaway item, fish skin is transformed into a crispy, craveable condiment by innovative Valley chefs.



Arizona Ghost Towns & Secret Saloons

It’s October, and that means two things: Halloween thrills and scenic in-state road trips. Satisfy both cravings in one fell swoop with this 20-page séance devoted to Arizona’s


Visual Arts

Friday Flicks: Axe Me Again, I'll Tell You the Same

Opening at Harkins Camelview and several other Valley multiplexes: ...

Top Ten Things To Do

Things To Do

Top 10 Things to Do This Week

What's on our calendar this week:

Web Extras

Web Extras

Top 5 Haunted Jails in Arizona

If you're feeling a bit macabre and a bit adventurous this Halloween season, grab your bravest friends and check out these five historical - and haunted - jails across the state. ...



Recipe Friday: Voila French Bistro Mini Quiche Lorraine

The hardest part of preparing a quiche is crafting a light, crumbly crust to cradle the delicate custard filling. If you’ve been searching for an easier way to make this delightful dish, Chef Je...

Arizona Diamondbacks


Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Issue

The Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary issue is a special editorial publication of PHOENIX magazine published celebrate the achievements of the Valley’s Major League Baseball franchise, and to recognize our longstanding partnership with the team. ...

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Red-Hot Wellness

Sweat it out in one of the Valley’s trendy infrared saunas. ...

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